About Houston Guitar Teacher – Louis Pionessa

Houston Guitar Teacher Louis Pionessa performing live at Holmes Plate in New York.

Houston based guitar teacher and singer-songwriter, Louis Pionessa performing live in N.Y.

Houston Guitar Teacher -

Louis Pionessa

Music is fun, so learning how to play it should be fun too.

From your very first lesson with me, you’ll be learning how to play a song of your choosing! Not only does this teach you the foundations of how to play guitar, but it also gives you the motivation of why to play guitar.

Aside from teaching guitar lessons for 7 years, I am also an active singer-songwriter and performer in the Houston area. This provides me with firsthand experience in important areas like playing for a crowd and recording my own material. All of this is vital to learning how to be a well-rounded musician, which is what you will learn from me.

When you start by playing music you love, you will end up loving to play music.

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